Flower Patterns

Why do little girls love flowers so much?  Because they are pleasing to the eye, soothing to the mind, and represent love, beauty , passion, and life.  Besides... They're just pretty!

Here you will find all of our flower patterns.  Each pattern is unique and specially designed to go with our fascinator patterns.  They can also be made for bridal accessories, home decor, and used for other embellishments!

All patterns are in PDF format and are instantly downloadable upon completion of payment.

Anais Water Lily-
Anais Water Lily
Audrey Silk Flower-
Audrey Silk Flower
Ava Felt Flower-
Ava Felt Flower
Isabella La Fleur-
Isabella La Fleur
Juliette La Fleur-
Juliette La Fleur
Kennedy Rose-
Kennedy Rose
London Tea Rose-
London Tea Rose
Opal Rose-
Opal Rose
SnazzieDrawers Flower Power Package-
SnazzieDrawers Flower Power Package
Vintage Starlet La Fleur-
Vintage Starlet La Fleur
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